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Research phase of the cardiac cycle with means of doppler-echocardiography. Achievements and Prospects. Possible applications in pediatrics.

Scientists long ago demonstrated that a large number of cardiovascular disease begins in childhood and manifests itself most often in the form of functional disorders, such as the syndrome of autonomic dysfunction, hypertension, etc. Because This is very important to early diagnosis and the understanding of progression is very important as well.

Immunotherapy with the use of affinoleykina

Perm NGO «Biomed» together with the Research Institute of Vaccine and Serum them. II Mechnikov Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia (Moscow) developed a new drug transferfaktorny affinoleykin, a low-molecular proteins (molecular mass 3-8 kDa) leukocytic and lymphocytic extracts.

Ambulance in acute insufficiency levozheludochkovoy

Acute levozheludochkovaya deficiency - a clinical syndrome caused by propotevaniem tissue fluid, first in the interstitial lung tissue (cardiac asthma), and then in the alveolus (pulmonary edema). Pulmonary edema - a serious complication that arises from many diseases, the primary role of cardiovascular disease.

Ototoksichnost drugs

In our time, found a very large number of scientific publications, is an active discussion at scientific conferences - the toxic influence of drugs at the agency hearing and development hypoacusis and in our time remains the difficult problem of otorhinolaryngology. Among the so-called ototoksicheskih medicine first took antibiotics-aminoglycosides.

on preparations GA-40, immucor

Let's get acquainted with the two drugs, they created the Georgian scholar Giorgi Alexidze. By the way, GA-40 and stands on the first letter of the name, and 40 - this is the age of the scientist, when he created his creature. A IMMUCOR has a second name - GA-47, ie, created through the 7 years after the first. Tryn-grass cures as follows: «oncology (malignant tumors), leukemias, benign tumors, hepatitis (A, B and C), allergies ... ..».

The benefits and dangers of sugar and saharozameniteley

In the middle of last century, glucose was called "white death" and one of the most harmful products in the world. As energy is estimated at one gram of sugar accounted for about 5 kcal. As we know, the average person consumes per day, about 60 grams of glucose and, hence, the white crystals make up a large part of the daily kalorazha.

50 ways to reduce stress

Here are some ways to reduce stress. To get started, take a stand for the rule 1. 15 minutes earlier than obychno.2. Prepare everything in advance with the evening to the morning. Prepare breakfast and clothing, which is planning to put 3 .. Try to write down everything that you need sdelat.4. Not lgite ...

diagnosis and empiric treatment of acute sinusitis in children

In the autumn-winter period, the most frequent abnormality faced doctors are upper respiratory tract infections in children under 5 years old, sinusitis is not found immediately. First, the child is treated by ARI, and only then, when the cold becomes persistent purulent character, is sent to the ENT doctor. . Профнастил Челябинск … детское народное творчество anime porn com …;порно онлайн туб;куколды;Купить проститутку в Саратове
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