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Williams trahealnyj tone

(Ch. J. Williams, -, nglish the dotor) - timpanihesky perkutornyj a sound (sometimes with a shade of sounding of the bursted pot ) under kljuhitsej, better shown at opening patients of a mouth a symptom big pleural vypota.
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Gaulle a bunh

(F. Goll, -, shvejts. The anatomist) - see the Bunh thin.
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The primary strip

-a thikening of bak edge of a germinal disk at germs of birds and the mammals, onsisting from high stolbhatyh the ells, arising in the beginning of the seond phase gastruljatsii, growing medially and kperedi from the item develops mezoderma.
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The cystitis

(ystitis tsist-+-) - an inflammation of a muous membrane of a bladder.
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(frants. drainage, from nglish drain to drain, drenirovat) - see Drenirovanie.
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-hemial proesses

-the hemial reations proeeding at interation of an ionizing radiation with substane, leading formation of hemially ative free atoms and radials, and also the raised moleules . . The item underlie a radiation injury of fabris of an organism.
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(asteno- greh. asthenes weak, from a-+ sthenos fore astheneia powerlessness) - the omponent of omplex words meaning weakness, easing , astenija .
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The fistula branhiogennyj

(fistula branhiogena sin. A fistula branhiate) - anomaly of development: the narrow blind hannel arising from the rests branhiate borozd of a germ.
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-the hemial elements ontaining in fabris of an organism in onentration : and below.
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(gigantoma gigant-+-ohms) - see Osteoblastoklastoma.
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(vesiuletomia vezikul-+ ektomija) - surgial operation of removal seed puzyrka.
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Girsha operation

(Hirsh, -, the Austrian surgeon) - surgial operation of removal of a tumour of a hypophysis transsfenoidalnym aess with podslizistoj a resetion nosovoj partitions.
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The belt of the bottom finiteness

(ingulum membri inferioris, PNA: ingulum extremitatis inferioris, BNA ossa inguli extremitatum pelvinarum, JNA sin. tazovyj a belt) - the part of a skeleton onneting free bottom finitenesses with a trunk onsists from tazovyh the bones forming together with kresttsom losed bone ring - a basin.
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Barrouza environment

(W. Burrows) - a syntheti nutrient medium for kultivirovanija brjushnotifoznyh the bateria, ontaining inorgani salts, a soure of arbon and amino aids.
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Mineralization of water

-the general maintenane in water of the dissolved mineral salts, expressed in g/.
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Tsettnova a liquid

(. About. Zettnow, -, it{him}. bakteriolog) - the sated{saturated} solution of bihromate kalija in the sulfuri aid, applied to learing subjet and integumentary glasses.
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(hloroma hlor-+-ohms) - ) lejkoznyj infiltrat in the form of opuholevidnogo formations{eduations} of the green olor, observed at hlorlejkoze ) see Hlorlejkoz.
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-enzyme of a lass transferaz (KF ...), katalizirujushhy arry of the rest adenilovoj aids on sulfate with formation{eduation} adenililsulfata partiipates in proesses of a metabolism of sulfur.
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Brauera a symptom

(L. Brauer, -, it. The dotor sin.: perikardton, perikardton diastolihesky) - presene of the additional tone reminding on sounding lik, in an initial phase diastoly an attribute adhesive perikardita.
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Bergmanna nevrogennaja the theory

(G. Bergmami, -, it. The dotor) - the theory aording to whih the stomah uler of a stomah and a duodenal gut an arise at persons with konstitutsionalnoj the predisposition, differing infringements of funtion of vegetative nervous system.
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