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Compensating waistoat

-a kind of high-altitude equipment of the pilot, a representing strung together waistoat with the rubber tubes loated inside in whih is air pulling a waistoat and ompressing a thorax at derease of barometri pressure in an environment.
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Vimbergera rings

(Wimberger, sovr. The Austrian radiologist sin. Vimbergera an attribute) - ekstsentriheski the loated enlightenments in the field of x-ray shadows epifizarnyh kernels of the ossifiation, observable at gipovitaminoze With in onnetion with giperkaltsinatsiej kernels of ossifiation on their periphery.
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(dextroylophoria dekstro-+ tsikloforija) - a kind geteroforii, desribed the tendeny to turn of an eye around sagittalnoj axes to the right.
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Altsgejmerizatsija senile dementia

(A. Alzheimer) - ourrene at late stages of development of senile dementia ohagovyh symptoms (afazii, agrafii, aleksii, apraksii, agnozii, et.), peuliar to illness Altsgejmera.
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Angiodermit purpuroznyj pigmentary

(angiodermatitis pigmentosa purpurosa sin.: dermatit ohrjanyj, Favra - SHe purpuroznyj pigmentary angiodermatit) - gemosideroz leather of legs in the form of lila-tinged or brown spots in diameter up to , sm, arising as ompliation varikoznogo expansions of veins.
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Shtumpfa multislot-hole rentgenokimograf

(P. Stumpf, a sort. In , it{him}. The radiologist) - the devie for rentgenokimografii hearts and large vessels in whih the multislot-hole lead lattie providing simultaneous registration of moving of a ardiovasular ontour on its{his} all extent is applied.
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(DKG dinamo-+ the ardiogram) - a urve refleting displaement of the entre of gravity of a thorax, the hearts aused by redutions and moving of blood in large vessels.
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Kjuppersa a way

(Cuppers, sovr. It. The ophthalmologist) - a method of treatment disbinokuljarnoj ambliopii, onsisting restoration of funtional advantage of the entral pole of a yellow spot above other sites of a retina ambliopiheskogo eyes it is based on use of a phenomenon of the onseutive image arising after bright illumination of an eye bottom.
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(opiopia greh. kopos weariness + ps, opos an eye) - quikly oming sensation of weariness and rezi in opinion of, weights and pains in a head at fixing a look on any objet it is observed, napr., at a neurasthenia.
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Fibromatous unit born

-lejomiofibroma, leaving the expanded hannel shejki a uterus at its{her} redution.
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Osteoma hondralnaja

(osteoma hondrale) - see kzostoz.
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Barium radioative

The general name of radioative isotopes of barium with mass numbers within the limits of from up to and a half-life period from several seonds till years it is used in radioisotope diagnostis and medial and biologi researhes.
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Dummies of an opti nerve

(ustar. papilla nervi optii, BNA) - see the Disk of an opti nerve.
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(hyperaliaemia giper-+ alium + greh. haima blood) - the raised maintenane of alium in plasma of blood.
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In genetis - the narrowest site of a huge hromosome.
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The preparation in

Morphology (an armour. praeparo, praeparatum to prepare, prepare) - for biologial objet (a part of a body, body or its part, a site of fabris, a ell or group of ells, miroorganisms, et.), prepared for makro-or mirosopi researh or for demonstration as the visual aid.
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(vesia urinaria, PNA, BNA, JNA) - the hollow musular body of uri system loated in a small basin serves for aumulation of urine flowing from kidneys and its periodi deduing through moheispuskatelnyj the hannel.
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Washing waters

-a liquid reeived as a result of washing of any hollow body or a avity of a body serve as a material for diagnosti researh.
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(monoplegia mono-+ greh. plege impat, defeat) - a paralysis of one finiteness.
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The aperture herveobraznogo a shoot

(ostium appendiis vermiformis, PNA) - an aperture in a wall of a blind gut by means of whih its gleam is informed with a gleam herveobraznogo a shoot.
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