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Kassirskogo a needle

(I.A.Kassirsky, -, owls. The therapist and gematolog: sin. Kassirskogo a marrowy needle) - a short strong tubular needle for a punture of a brest with the purpose of reeption of the bone brain, supplied by a nut for restrition of depth of immersing, mandrenom and the demountable handle failitating a punture.
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Biologial equivalent it is glad

(ber) - unit of an equivalent doze of an ionizing radiation for ber suh absorbed doze of any kind of an ionizing radiation whih at a hroni irradiation auses the same biologial effet as the absorbed doze x-ray or sale-radiation in it is glad is aepted ber = . /kg.
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Gonotrofiheskaja harmony

(gono-+ greh. trophe a feed) - parallelism between proesses of digestion and development jaihnikov, peuliar to all blood-siking insets of group dvukrylyh (to mosquitoes, midges, mokretsam, slepnjam, to mosquitoes).
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Lenegra illness

(J. Lenegre, -, frants. The ardiologist sin.: blokade idiopatiheskaja hroni, illness of spending system of heart isolated) - illness not lear etiologii, desribed dystrophi and slerous hanges of spending system of heart at absene of defeat of other part of a myoardium and oronal arteries: it is shown by infringements predserdno- and vnutrizheludohkovoj ondutivity.
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Finnoznoe meat

-the meat infeted by Finns Taeniarinhus saginatus (bull tsepnja) or Taenia solium (pork tsepnja) the use m. in food without orresponding{meeting} proessing leads to disease teniidozami.
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(spasmatius) - onerning a spasm desribed a spasm.
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(nerospermia nekro-+ greh. sperma a seed, sperm) - the raised maintenane in sperm impratial spermatozoidov.
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(neurasthenia nevr-+ astenija sin.: an exhaustion nervous - ustar., nervous weakness - ustar., nervous overfatigue - ustar.) - a neurosis aused by overfatigue or long influene psihotravmirujushhih of fators, shown a ondition of hypererethism and fast istoshhaemosti with emotional instability, frustration of a dream, vegetative infringements.
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(hyperaemia giper-+ greh. haima blood) - inreased krovenapolnenie any site of peripheral vasular system.
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(greh. mehane the instrument, the adaptation, a onstrution) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning mehanis, to mehanial devies, to mehanisms.
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Ability of some substanes to ause the speifi immune answer, aused by features of the maromoleular organization of these substanes and geneti features of the reipient.
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Seminoma jaihnika

(seminoma ovarii) - see Disgerminoma.
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Peshheristoe a body klitora

(orpus avernosum litoridis, PNA, BNA, JNA sin. kavernoznoe a body klitora) - the anatomi formation similar peshheristomu to a body of a sexual member, a part klitora.
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(metaonidum meta-+ greh. konos a one +-eides similar) - onstant bugorok on mezialno- (mezhzubno-) parts koronki the bottom molars of the person.
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(esotropia ezo-+ greh. tropos turn, a diretion) - see the Squint onverging.
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(an armour. viviparus viviparous vivi-+ an armour. pario to give rise) - see ZHivorozhdenie.
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Panreati juie

(sin. podzheludohnyj juie) - a seret of a panreas ontains the enzymes splitting fibers, fats and arbohydrates during digestion.
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Germinal plasma

(sin. Sexual plasma) - ) (plasma germinale, LN sin. gonoblast) - the sexual rudiment representing set gonotsitov at vysokoorganizovannyh animals and the person arises up to and irrespetive of germinal leaves ) (istor.) - set of the hereditary units presented in kernels of sexual ells (on A.Vejsmanu).
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(granulobiastoma granulo-+ blastoma) - see Medulloblastoma.
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Muller of a fibre

(Muller, -, it. The anatomist) - see Fibres irular.
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