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The syndrome posttrepanatsionnyj

(an armour. post after + trepanation) - a ombination of morbidity in the field of defet of a skull with headahes at hanges of the atmospheri pressure, aused iatriial srashheniem environments of a brain after ranial trepanation.
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(bio-+ greh. topos a plae, distrit) - a site of a terrestrial surfae where some set of the alive organisms lives, desribed uniformity making it abiotiheskih elements (a geologial struture, a mirolimate, a water mode, a relief, a soil over and t. Item) and differing adjaent sites.
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Almura - kopetskogo operation

(R. Almour S. J. Kopetsky, -, amer. otorinolaringolog) - surgial operation of removal nagnoivshejsja tops of a pyramid of a temporal bone at whih widely open avities of an average ear, delete a forward wall of external aoustial pass and the basis of a malar shoot with formation of an aperture between the hannel of an internal arotid, a snail of an internal ear and aoustial
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(intraerebralis intra + an armour. erebrum a brain) - loalized inside of the big brain.
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Seletion natural

-a primary survival of the individuals more adapted for onrete onditions of environment that leads to hange of expressiveness of those or other attributes in a number of generations of a population a major fator of evolution of wildlife.
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Head malobertsovoj bones

(aput fibulae, PNA apitulum fibulae, BNA, JNA) - proksimalnyj epifiz malobertsovoj the bones, having an artiulate surfae for a joint with lateralnym myshhelkom bolshebertsovoj bones.
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(suboma sub-+ koma) - see Sopor.
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Spinomozzhehkovyj a way dorsalnyj

(tratus spinoerebellaris dorsalis, JNA) - see Spinomozzhehkovyj a way bak.
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(pseudohalluinationes psevdo-+ halluinations) - frustration of pereption in the form of sensations and the images involuntarily arising without real razdrazhitelja (objet), differing halluinations absene at sik sensation of an objetive reality of these images.
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Peniillins polusintetiheskie

-the medial produts possessing properties of antibiotis of type of peniillins, synthesized by onnetion of the ertain hemial groupings to - to an aid reeived in the biologial ways.
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The spirometer

(spiro-+ greh. metreo to measure) - the devie for measurement of vital apaity of easy{light} and other pulmonary volumes.
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The russian lok

(sin. Sklifosovskogo the Russian lok) - a way of onnetion bone otlomkov by reation on one of them of a groove of the retangular form, and on other of a thorn orresponding{meeting} this groove with their subsequent onnetion and fixing it is applied, napr., at treatment of false joints.
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Prausnittsa - kjustnera diret reation

(About. W. Prausnitz Kustner) - a method of revealing reaginov in blood of the patient at atopii, onsisting intraskin introdution to the healthy person of whey of blood of the patient with the subsequent introdution in the same plaes of investigated allergens and in an estimation of loal reation it is applied seldom.
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Flether illness

(W. Flether, -, nglish the dotor) - see Melioidoz.
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Intraintimate pressure

(tensio intraardiaa) - pressure of blood in avities of the heart, hanging during its rhythmi ativity.
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Displazija ektomezodermalnaja

(dysplasia etomesodermalis) - the general name of the ombined anomalies of development of derivatives ekto-and mezodermy.
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Cave - rou patelloplastika

(F. Cave, a sort. In , amer. The surgeon R. Rowe, a sort. In , amer. The surgeon) - removal of the damaged artiulate artilage nadkolennika with the subsequent overing of the last the -fatty rag found from infrapatelljarnoj of a fatty pillow and sinovialnoj of an environment, the attahed basis to the bottom edge nadkolennika.
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Rapoport environment

(A.Rapoports M.) - a firm seletive -diagnosti nutrient medium for alloation enterobaktery, ontaining glyerin, the bull bile and sour fuhsine.
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Lips blastopora

(labia blastopori, LN) - edges blastopora, formed at the maximum pozvonohnyh, inluding the person, a ellular material of a primary strip of a germ distinguish dorsalnuju, lateral and ventralnuju.
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Plaenta irumvallata

(an armour. A plaenta surrounded by the platen ) - anomaly of development of a plaenta at whih its edge is lifted in the form of the -yellow platen, and environments depart not from edge of a plaenta, and from the internal party of the platen.
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