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Item of water supply

(PVS) - a proteted plae of extration, proessing and distribution of water in the field onditions, equipped aording to nonprodution and sanitary-and-hygieni requirements.
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Jaob - krejttsfeldta illness

(A. Jakob, -, it{him}. The neuropathologist G. Creutzfeldt, -, it{him}. The neuropathologist and the psyhiatrist) - see the Degeneration kortikostriospinalnaja.
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(presbyopia: presbi--greh. ops, opos an eye, sight sin. A far-sightedness senile) - easing of the aommodation, desribed a gradual distane of the nearest point of the lear sight, aused by age redution of elastiity of a rystalline lens at emmetropii it is shown in the age of - years, at gipermetropii - in earlier, and at miopii - at later age.
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Wild boar illness

(A. Cabanes, a sort. In , frants. The dotor) - anomaly of development: absene of kernels of the obverse nerve, shown amimiej.
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(Miyagawanellae Y. Miyagawa, -, the Japanese mirobiologist) - see Hlamidii.
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Borozda the top stony sine

(sulus sinus petrosi superioris, PNA sulus petrosus superior, BNA sulus ristae pyramidis, JNA sin.: borozda a rest of a pyramid, stony borozda top) - a deepening at the top edge of a pyramid of a temporal bone in whih the same venous sine is loated.
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The longitudinal strip medial

(stria longitudinalis medialis: sin. Lanhizi a grey strip) - the pair longitudinal thikening of a grey over loated on an average line of the top surfae of a alloused body onerns to an olfatory brain.
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System of the open doors

-system of the maintenane{ontents} mentally sik at whih it{he} gives freedom of moving for limits of hospital branh on territory of hospital.
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Vejnberga methods

(W. Weinberg, a sort. In , it. The dotor) - methods of an estimation of assumptions of harater of the inheritane, based on omparison of observable and expeted parities sik and healthy in families, otjagoshhennyh hereditary illnesses, in view of a way of registration of supervision.
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(arhe-+ type) - see JUnga arhetypes.
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Protetive reations of an organism

-reflex and gumoralnye the reations of an organism arising in reply to ation extreme both pathologial razdrazhitelej and direted on preservation of a homeostasis.
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Anton - babinskogo a syndrome

(G. Anton, -, it. The neuropsyhiatrist J. F. Babinski, -, frants. The neuropathologist) - see Anozognozija.
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(myomerus mio-+ greh. meros a part) - see Miotom.
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Kaposhi angiomatoz

(M. Kaposi, -, Hungarian dermatolog) - see the Ssaroma idiopatiheskaja plural gemorragiheskaja.
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Vyrozhdennost a geneti ode

Property of the geneti ode, onsisting that orresponds to one amino aid a little various kodonov.
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Podborodohnoe an aperture

(foramen mentale, PNA, BNA, JNA) - an aperture of the hannel of the bottom jaw, loated on an external surfae of its body at a level of an interval between the first and the seond small molars a plae of an output podborodohnyh arteries and a nerve.
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Ataksija intrapsihiheskaja

(ataxia intrapsyhia sin.: diskordantnost, Stranskogo intrapsihiheskaja ataksija, SHaslena diskordantnost) - dissoiation and splitting of mental proesses (thinking, feelings, ats), their mimi and speeh expression.
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Sour-milk produts

(sin. Lati produts - ustar.) - the foodstuff reeived as a result of lati (it is frequent also spirit) fermentations of milk (ow, horse, et.).
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Pretsentralnaja area

(regio preentralis) - a part of a new bark of a hemisphere of the big brain, alloated aording to tsitoarhitektonikoj a brain, borrowing the preentral rinkle, a bak department of the top and average frontal rinkles, a forward department paratsentralnoj segments and a -parietal tire over.
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(an armour. flavus yellow) - geterotsikliheskoe onnetion of yellow olor with flavovirent fluoresene is a part riboflavina (vitamin ) and the some people kofermentov oksidoreduktaz.
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