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Contusion of an eyeball

(ontusio buibi ouli) - the general name of various kinds of the losed damages of an eyeball (a bruise, onussion, sdavlenie).
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System adaptive

-the system automatially hanging algorithms of the funtioning and (or) struture for ahievement of an optimum ondition at hange of external onditions distinguish self-adjusted{self-set up}, self-trained and samoorganizujushhiesja and. alive organisms and their ommunities an be onsidered{examined} as and.
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Melanoblastoz ongenital nejrokutannyj

(melanoblastosis ongenita neuroutanea) - see Melanoz nejrodermalnyj.
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(an armour. muus slime) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning slime , muous, onerning a muous membrane.
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Fields zapahivanija

-the ground areas for soil neutralization nehistot, taken out from nekanalizovannyh the oupied plaes, used with the raised loading exluding ultivation on them of agriultural rops.
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(sotophobia greh. skotos darkness + a phobia) - see Niktofobija.
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The symptom of a string

-absene of physiologial bends of a x-ray shadow mohetohnika at urography or retrogradnoj pielografii an attribute of a tuberulosis of a kidney and mohevyvodjashhih the ways, aused rigidnostju the amazed{struk} wall mohetohnika.
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Ambulane station mobile

The strutural division of regional, regional or large loal hospital intended for rendering vnebolnihnoj of the treatment-and-prophylati help by departures rural settlements, on plaes otgonnogo animal industries and in field amps.
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(kineto-+ greh. gramma reord, the image) - a graphi representation of movements (inluding flutuations) separate bodies or their parts
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Sifiloid posterozivnyj krugoobraznyj

(syphiloidum iriforme posterosivum a syphilis + greh. eidos a kind, similarity sin. sevestra- sifiloid posterozivnyj) - a version streptooal impetigo at the hest hildren, desribed fliktenami and superfiial erosion with the subsequent ourrene on their plae of pigmentary spots{stains} (gl. obr., on buttoks).
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Lip vertluzhnaja

(labrum aetabulare, PNA labrum glenoidale, BNA labium artiulare, JNA sin. A lip artiulate) - hrjashhevoj obodok, passing on edge vertluzhnoj hollows tazovoj the bones, deepening it.
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The person (sin. Anthropologial type) - a part of kind Homo sapiens (the person reasonable), uniting historially developed greater group of the people, desribed some general inherited morphologial and physiologial features onneted with unity of an origin and ertain area of dwelling representatives of all possess equal biologial opportunities for ahievement of a high level of a ivilization.
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Kapotstsi an attribute

(Capozzi) - defined at palpatsii in the field of heart doubling or trebling of a top push a hangeable attribute of blokade of a leg of bunh Gisa.
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The hoardiography

(eho-+ kardiografija sin. kardiografija ultrasoni) - researh of heart by a method ultrasoni ehografii it is applied to studying struture of the heart and fabris surrounding it{him}, revealing of a liquid in perikardialnoj avities and vnutripolostnyh blood lots, and also for researh of a funtional ondition of heart.
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(inurabilitas an armour. inurabilis inurable sin. Inurability) - a ondition of the patient at whih the general frustration or features of loal pathologial proess exlude an opportunity of resue of a life or full reovery of healt, work apaity.
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Craw jaihnikovyj

(struma ovarii) - teratoma jaihnika, a ontaining fabri of a thyroid gland it is sometimes aompanied gipertireozom.
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(densito-+ greh. grapho to write, represent sin. densografija) - graphi data reording densitometrii.
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Volkova - oganesjana kompressionno- the devie

(M. of Century of Wolves, a sort. In , owls. The traumatologist-orthopedist About. Century Oganesyan, a sort. In , owls. The traumatologist-orthopedist) - the orthopedi devie for external hreskostnoj fixings of the bone fragments, representing the frame design fixed on spokes, lead through fragments, and supplied by the devie for them repozitsii by displaement in two planes.
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-proteidy whih struture as not albuminous omponent inludes the ferriferous onnetions lose on struture to gemu in an organism arry out funtion of a arrier elektronov and (or) hydrogen from oxidized substanes to moleular oxygen, that partiipating in fabri breath.
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Beka illness

(With.. Boek, -, Norwegian dermatolog) - see Sarkoidoz.
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