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Lipoma perirenalnaja

(lipoma perirenale) - lipoma, loated in okolopohehnoj fatty klethatke an displae a kidney in the opposite party zabrjushinnogo spaes.
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Morganieva zaslonka

(G. Morgagni) - see Zaslonka zadneprohodnaja.
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Vjulpiana - berngardta a musular atrophy

(F. A. Vulpian, -, frants. The physiologist and the neuropathologist Bernhardt, -, it. The neuropathologist) - a variant progressing miopatii at whih proess begins with two-headed and the three-hapter of musles of a shoulder with the further involving musles of a forearm and a brush.
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(intraperitonealis intra-+ anat. peritoneum brjushina) - vnutribrjushinnyj, loalized in a avity brjushiny.
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Gagen- a ut

(I..Gagen-Torn) - a longitudinal setion of a belly wall at laparotomii, spent paramedialno through a diret musle of a stomah.
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Reation desinhronizatsii

(sin. Reation of ativation) - hange vysokoamplitudnyh and low-frequeny flutuations of biopotentials of a brain on nizkoamplitudnye and high-frequeny it is observed, napr., at transition from a dream to wakefulness.
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The typhus belly

(typhus abdoimnalis sin. ileotif) - sharp infetious disease from group intestinal, aused brjushnotifoznoj a stik it is haraterized by yli urrent, bakteriemiej, defeat of lymphati system thin and, muh less often, than a thik gut, an intoxiation, a fever, rozeoleznoj a rash and gepatolienalnym a syndrome.
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Oxygen pillow

-the devie for delivery and leading of oxygen to the patient, representing the tank from prorezinennoj fabris with the rane and the union (soskom).
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(myasis greh. myia the fly +- sin. entomoz) - illness of the person and the animals, aused lihinkami flies.
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The pseudo-pleurisy holera

(ustar. pseudopleuritis holeraia psevdo-+ a pleurisy) - noise of frition of the pleura, appearing at sik of a holera at sharp eksikoze.
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(flebo-+ tonograf) - the devie for flebotenziografii, allowing simultaneously to reeive two flebotenziogrammy and a urve displaying respiratory movements of a thorax (pneumogram).
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(atremia greh. The immovability) - the psyhologial frustration, desribed infringement of ability to stand, sit or go it is observed, napr., at a hysteria.
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Klinovidno- a utting

(inisura sphenopalatina, PNA, BNA inisura pterygopalatina, JNA) - semiirular dredging of a perpendiular plate nebnoj bones between orbital and klinovidnym shoots partiipates in formation klinovidno- apertures.
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Simple sugar in whih moleule one gidroksilnaja the group is replaed by an amino group are a part mukopolisaharidov, glikoproteidov and of some biologially ative substanes (napr., geparina, some hormones and also antibodies).
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(glossodynia gloss-+ greh. odyne a pain) - see Glossalgija.
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(logotherapia logo-+ therapy) - the form of psyhotherapy direted on ahievement of understanding of patients of sense and inevitability of its sufferings it is applied by foreign psyhotherapists: has ekzistentsialistiheskuju an orientation.
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Ledderhoze a syndrome

(G. Ledderhose) - see Ledderhoze kontraktura.
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(tysonitis anat. ustar. glandulae Tysoni zhelezy an extreme flesh) - an inflammation zhelez an extreme flesh.
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The pseudo-hemophilia

(pseudohaemophilia psevdo-+ a hemophilia) - the general name gemorragiheskih diathesises whih linial piture reminds a hemophilia, but in blood ontains normal quantity antigemofilnyh fators (fators of urtailing of blood VIII and IX).
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Fever skarlatinopodobnaja far ast

-the linial form of the pseudo-tuberulosis, desribed the raised body temperature, repeated oznobami, the general intoxiation, giperemiej and puffiness of brushes of the hands, widespread skarlatinopodobnoj, rozeoleznoj or gemorragiheskoj a rash with the subsequent peeling of a leather.
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