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Jnisa a method

(Century of L.jnis, -, owls. The phthisiatriian) - a way of revealing of pathologial hanges in tops of the lungs, onsisting in omparative perkussii on kljuhitsam at height of a breath and at a deep exhalation.
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(mikro-+ reometr) - the devie for measurement of small sizes of the harge of the gas, representing reometr with a apillary tube it is applied, napr., at sanitary-and-hygieni researhes.
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Adrenalini test

(sin. adrenalovaja test) - the general name of group of the diagnosti methods based on researh of physiologial reations of various systems of an organism on introdution of adrenaline.
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Detre a way

(L. Detre, -, the Hungarian dotor) - ) the method of definition of relative density pleural ekssudata on relative density of a solution of table salt in whih the drop ekssudata is in a ondition of balane (not tonet and does not emerge) ) (istor.) - a method of differentiation of the tuberulosis aused mikobakterijami of a tuberulosis of human and bull types, representing skin allergi test with antigeni materials of both types of the ativator.
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(graphomania grafo-+ mania sin.: graforeja, polygraphy) - it is a lot of to write pathologial aspiration (to ompose).
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Bombproof shelter

(ustar.) - a onstrution speially onstruted or adapted for protetion of people from amazing fators of the weapon of the opponent (bombs, shells, mines and t. Item) the term refuge is nowadays applied.
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(ambivalentia ambi-+ an armour. valens, valentis strong sin.: ambitendentnost, ambitimija, a mental duality) in psyhiatry - ourrene of antagonisti tendenies in the mental ativity, ausing inonsisteny of thinking and inadequay of behaviour.
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(gomo-+ type) - similarity in a struture of the bodies symmetrially loated onerning a vertial axis of a body, napr. The right and left hands a speial ase gomologii.
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(odontoma odont-+-ohms) - the good-quality tumour representing a onglomerate from various fabris, forming teeth.
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Pressing of a umbilial ord

(ompressio funiuli umbilialis) - ompliation of sorts at whih vessels of a umbilial ord are squeezed by large parts of a fruit, napr. At loss of the umbilial ord, twisted around of a nek of a fruit leads intra-uterine gipoksii a fruit.
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The symptom a key

(sin.: a symptom zhelobka, a phenomenon zhelobka, a phenomenon a key) - ourrene of musular platens and hollows at perkussii a forward surfae of a thorax from top to down from kljuhitsy on srednekljuhihnoj lines an attribute of hypererethism of musles, napr. At tireotoksikoze, gipoparatireoze, miotonii.
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Dermatit dismenorejnyj symmetri

(dermatitis dysmenorrhoia symmetria) - see Dermatoz dismenorejnyj symmetri.
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(meta-+ greh. meros a part: sin. Metaregularity) - segmentation of a body of an animal on metameasures.
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Pidermoliz bulleznyj ongenital

(epidermolysis bullosa ongenita epidermis + greh. lysis disintegration, deomposition sin.: Goldshejdera illness, Kebnera illness, puzyrhatka ongenital, puzyrhatka traumati) - hereditary dermatoz, desribed formation{eduation} on a leather{skin} of bubbles at any, even insignifiant, a trauma.
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Chest hannel

(dutus thoraius, PNA, BNA, JNA) - a lymphati vessel after whih at the lymph flows in a venous hannel from legs, a basin, stenok and bodies of a belly avity, the left hand, the left half of breast, a head and a nek it is formed in a belly avity by merge of an intestinal trunk, the right and left lumbar trunks, passes through bak sredostenie and runs into the left venous orner.
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Podkljuhihnaja borozda

(sulus sublavius, BNA) - ) the general name vdavleny on a top of lungs and domes of a pleura in a plae prileganija podkljuhihnoj arteries ) see Borozda podkljuhihnoj arteries.
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(nrk anoxaemia an-+ an armour. oxygenium oxygen + greh. haima blood) - see Gipoksemija.
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Fator of ontrast

In rentgenologii - the quantitative harateristi of a photographi material refleting it ability to transfer distintion in expositions of different sites of a material by distintion of optial density of these sites.
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(izo-+ alleli sin. alleli potential) - alleli one lous, possessing similar fenotipiheskim effet, neidentihnost whih an be found out only under ertain onditions environments.
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(paradentitis para-+ an armour. dens, dentis a tooth +-) - see the Parodontosis.
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