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(promontorium, PNA an armour. A mountain ledge, ape ) - see Cape.
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Brahta a way

(. F. . Braht, a sort. In , it. The gyneologist) - akushersky manual reeption at sorts in pure jagodihnom the prelying, onsisting a sharp deviation of a fruit to a stomah of mother after a birth of the bottom orners lopatok.
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The syndrome talamokolenhatoj arteries

(syndromum arteriae thalamogeniulatae) - a ombination of a syndrome visual bugra with atetozom or horeoatetozom, gemiataksiej, the trophi and vegetative infringements, aused by defeat of a branh of the bak brain artery supplying area talamusa.
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The gullet

(esophagus, PNA: oesophagus, BNA, JNA) - the tubular musular body of digestive system loated between glotkoj and a stomah, the employee for arrying out of food in a stomah.
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(bartonellosis sin.: a wart Peruvian, Karriona illness, a fever La Oroya) - infetious transmissivnaja the illness aused Bartonella bailliformis, endemihnaja for mountain areas Perus, uador, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia, transferred through a sting of a mosquito it is shown in the form of a long fever of wrong type and (or) vysypaniem on a leather and muous membranes papuleznyh the elements inlined to izjazvleniju.
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Gubarev- an attribute

(And. Item Gubarev, -, owls. The anatomist and the -gyneologist J. Gauss, -, it. The gyneologist) - easy mobility shejki a uterus in all diretions, not transferred a body of a uterus an early attribute of pregnany.
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Sokolsky- illness

(I.Sokolsky, -, oteh. The therapist J. Bouillaud, -, frants. The dotor) - see Rheumatism.
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Howard the test

(J. Howard, amer. The dotor) - ) a method of diagnostis latent gipoparatireoidizma, based on ourrene giperfosfaturii at intravenous introdution of a solution of hloride alium at healthy people develops moderated gipofosfaturija ) a method of revealing of derease in blood supply of one of kidneys (mainly at a stenosis pohehnoj arteries) on redution diureza and maintenanes of sodium in the urine, found out at separate gathering all urine by means of kateterizatsii mohetohnikov.
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(pylephlebitis pile-+ a phlebitis) - an inflammation vorotnoj veins arises as ompliation of purulent proesses in a belly avity, napr. Sharp purulent appenditsita.
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