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Internal deviation of the eletroardiogram

(sin.: internal flutuation of the eletroardiogram, deviation intrinsikoidnaja) - an interval between the moment of ourrene of initial potential zheludohkovogo a omplex and top zubtsa R the eletroardiogram registered in hest assignments orresponds to time of distribution of exitation from endokarda up to epikarda on the site of a myoardium loated under a hest eletrode, and, thus, reflets thikness of a myoardium in the given area.
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Baranduna type gipogammaglobulinemii

(S. Barandun, sovr. gematolog) - see Gipogammaglobulinemija idiopatiheskaja.
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The costal shoot

(proessus ostarius, PNA, BNA, JNA) - a part of ross-setion shoots ervial and lumbar pozvonkov, being a rudiment of an edge.
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The passport of military-medial establishment

-the doument of the military-medial aount ontaining the basi data on organizational struture and operating onditions of military-medial establishment, and also the major parameters of its ativity.
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(greh. lysis deomposition, dissolution, disintegration) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning dissolution, deomposition, disintegration of substane , operating litiheski .
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Interpleural spae bottom

(area interpleuralis inferior sin. perikardialnoe a field) - a triangular site of a forward hest wall below a level of IV edge, limited on the right and at the left projetions of edges pristenohnoj pleuras, from below a line of an attahment of a diaphragm to item n. From a hest avity prilezhit a forward wall of a periardium.
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Mieloma solitarnaja

(myeloma solitarium sin. mieloma) - the form mielomnoj the illnesses, desribed presene of one enter of growth of plasmati ells.
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Defibrilljatsija hearts

(defibrillatio ordis de-+ fibrillation) - the medial ation direted on the termination of fibrillation zheludohkov of heart or auriles.
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(stereo-+ kardiograf) - see Spatsioelektrokardiograf.
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Gammela eritema

(J. A. Gammel, sovr. amer. The dotor) - paraonkologihesky dermatoz in the form of quikly extending on periphery migrating eritemy on a leather of a trunk.
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[polioenephalomyelitis polis-+ greh. enkephalos a brain + myelos (bak) brain +] - an inflammation of grey substane head and a spinal ord, desribed a ombination of symptoms polioentsefalita and a poliomyelitis.
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(monorhismus mono-+ greh. orhis jaihko sin. anorhizm unilateral) - anomaly of development: absene of one jaihka.
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(tarsoplastia tarzo-+ plasti) - the general{ommon} name of plasti operations on a artilage of a entury.
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Idiotija gidrotsefalnaja

(idiotia hydroephalia) - idiotija, aused by an atrophy of brain substane owing to vodjanki a brain (usually ongenital).
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(kineto-+ kardiografija sin. kardiokinetografija) - a method of researh of the intimate ativity, based on graphi registration of parameters of loal low-frequeny flutuations of a hest wall (speed, aeleration or size of displaement of a hest wall) it is made by means of the speial gauges onneted to elektrokardiografu or other osillograph.
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Resisteny of apillaries

-ability of apillaries to keep an integrity of a vasular wall at mehanial influene.
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Pasterovskaja station, pasterovsky item

(istor. L. Pasteur, -, frants. The mirobiologist and the hemist) - the medial institution whih is arried out preparation antirabiheskoj of a vaine, arrying out antirabiheskih inoulations, and also diagnostis of furiousness at animals.
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Thomas the trunk

(. Thomas) - the transport trunk for immobilizatsii the bottom finiteness with its{her} simultaneous extension, exeuted in the form of two ores with gamahkami and the adaptation for an emphasis in siati bugor a prototype of trunk Lardenua-Vinogradova.
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(olpopoiesis kolpo + greh. poiesis reation, formation) - plasti operation: formation of an artifiial vagina, napr. From brjushiny.
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(ustar. lasmatoytus greh. klasma, klasmatos a fragment, a fragment, break + gist. ytus a ell) - see the Marophage settled.
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